Division of Business or Corporate Assets in a Divorce

Indianapolis Business Division Lawyer

Generally, the more property and assets that need to be divided in a divorce, the more complex that divorce will be. Complex property and asset divisions frequently involve business. At Katzman & Katzman, P.C., we adeptly handle highly complex property divisions involving corporate assets. Our divorce attorneys provide high caliber legal advice that protects your rights, protects your financial interests and helps you build the next stage of your life.

The type of representation you receive to handle your business division can affect many aspects of your life now and in the years to come. The skilled Indianapolis business division attorneys at Katzman & Katzman, P.C. aim to protect your rights, safeguard your future and meet your expectations.

Obtaining Favorable Results for Your Business Division

For more than 30 years, our family law attorneys have handled business divisions on behalf of business owners and their spouses. We frequently represent people who own or co-own businesses, or are married to people who own businesses. Often, these are remarkably valuable, high-asset companies. The division of assets and business interests can become complex in a rapid manner.

Working with business valuation experts, we identify the actual value of the business. From liabilities and debts, to profits and projected earnings, we know that many factors go into making your business what it is.

During the divorce, you and your spouse will ask, "Who gets what?" This question will be explored in depth, with help from business valuation experts, certified accountants and any other professionals necessary to obtain an accurate value of the business.

Our attorneys look at your options. Can the business division be handled in a manner where you buy your spouse out? Can you walk away from the business and maintain possession of other valuable marital property and assets? The options are virtually limitless, and we explore the options that will suit you best. With our strong negotiation and litigation skills, we focus on crafting a settlement agreement that represents your interests and provides you with as favorable an outcome as possible.

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