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Professional Practice - Proven Ability - Human Approach

At the law office of Katzman & Katzman, P.C., we are proud that we continue to represent our very first client over 30 years of representation, which is one of many who continue to rely on our proven ability and personal service in civil, family, or business law matters. Katzman & Katzman, P.C. has been awarded by Martindale-Hubbel an AV rating, which is the highest rating a law firm can receive.

How We Practice Law

You expect the attorney you hire, whether for divorce representation, civil litigation, real estate transactions, or business law to have certain qualities:

  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Trial and litigation skills
  • The ability to negotiate

We think your lawyer can be more than just that. Our philosophy extends beyond the clinical and competent, into the qualities of outstanding service that have left our former clients inclined to speak highly of our practice and recommend our services to friends and family members. When you work with us, you get a lawyer that will:

  • Listen to your needs and understand them
  • Take time to fully and patiently educate you
  • Become involved in your case and take a personal interest
  • Want to build a long-term professional relationship
  • Do what is necessary to build your trust and confidence in us
  • Treat you with respect, dignity, and compassion

Building Client Relationships

Whether representing individuals, families, or large business clients with significant financial interests, our commitment to client service is the same. We adapt our practice and our approach to suit your case, needs and expectations.

Founded by a husband and wife legal team, our office has grown over the years to be a true family operated practice. We blend the credibility of a highly experienced and professional legal organization with a personal approach of treating our clients with respect and compassion.

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