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When and how can you change your child support order?

Your divorce was final a long time ago, bringing significant changes to your life. You may find that these changes did not really stop once you signed the papers, but instead, you've endured various adjustments and new circumstances since then. This is normal, as it can take years to adjust to a post-divorce life.

Some survey respondents report their home is haunted

Some homeowners in Indiana might be among those who reported in a survey at that they had heard a house was haunted but moved in anyway. However, not all residents may be as informed. While there are certain things about a home that sellers are obliged to inform buyers about, the belief that a house is haunted is not one of them.

What factors are important in an NDA?

Whether you are an individual employee, contractor, partner or distributor working with a company or you are a representative of a company working with one of those individuals in Indiana, you may be in a position that warrants the sharing of confidential business information. In most cases involving these two types of parties, it is the larger company that must disclose information that it wants to control. There is a special type of contract called a confidentiality agreement or a nondisclosure agreement commonly used to do just this.

3 benefits of collaborative divorce

Based on what you see in the movies, you may think that your Indiana divorce has to be long, drawn-out and vicious, but increasingly, many divorcing couples are realizing that this does not always have to be the case. At Katzman & Katzman, P.C., we recognize that collaborative divorce can often be quicker, easier and less painful than a traditional litigated divorce, and we have helped many clients part ways with their spouses while limiting or even eliminating any bitterness that exists between them.

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