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The importance of being nice during divorce proceedings

Ending a marriage can have a significant emotional impact on an individual. In some cases, even those who are usually stoic in stressful situations might say or do things that are out of character. However, it is important for those in Indiana and throughout the country who are going through a divorce to remain polite and civil throughout the process. Remaining calm may make it easier to settle a divorce in less time.

"Gray divorce" becomes a more common choice

In Indiana and across the country, the overall divorce rate has been declining for over 20 years. The opposite, however, is true for Americans over the age of 50. Between 1990 and 2010, the divorce rate for this sector doubled, and this trend shows no sign of stopping. "Gray divorce" has become a major phenomenon, especially as people lead longer, healthier lives. However, there are also serious financial and legal considerations that can come with it, especially when retirement accounts are a concern.

Divorcing without unnecessarily traumatizing the children

The end of a marriage can have a significant emotional impact on both a parent and a child. However, it is a parent's responsibility to ensure that a son or daughter is able to adjust to his or her new reality. Ideally, Indiana residents and others who have ended their marriages will make decisions that are in the best interests of their children. For instance, it can be alright for a divorced couple to have dinner together with their kids.

Post-divorce parenting plans

Many divorced parents in Indiana are concerned about maintaining relationships with their kids. However, divorce doesn't have to destroy the bonds between children and their parents. Parenting plans offer a way for exes to work together and ensure that each household has time with the kids.

Handling retirement accounts during divorce

Indiana residents who have decided to get divorced will need to divide their assets, including retirement accounts. This can create anxiety, particularly as people worry about their financial stability after retirement. While each case is different, unless there is a prenup in place, the court will usually set how the retirement accounts of divorcing couples will be divided as retirement account savings are considered marital property.

The Hague Convention and international custody disputes

When parents are going through a divorce and one is from another country, that parent may take the children to that country in an effort to obtain custody. When this happens, parents may find themselves in an international custody dispute. The first step for parents in Indiana may be to find out whether the country is a signatory to the Hague Convention.

Positive parenting no matter the location

Indiana parents who split up might find themselves in the difficult position of having to maintain a positive parent-child relationship from a distance. This is the case for many parents who after separation or divorce need to move away for career or personal reasons, and they might question how to keep their relationship with their children as close and supportive as it was before.

3 benefits of collaborative divorce

Based on what you see in the movies, you may think that your Indiana divorce has to be long, drawn-out and vicious, but increasingly, many divorcing couples are realizing that this does not always have to be the case. At Katzman & Katzman, P.C., we recognize that collaborative divorce can often be quicker, easier and less painful than a traditional litigated divorce, and we have helped many clients part ways with their spouses while limiting or even eliminating any bitterness that exists between them.

Are high assets a hurdle in divorce?

As Indiana residents going through a divorce, you and your spouse will eventually have to deal with the division of your shared assets. However, the more assets you have, the more complex matters of division and support payments can become. At Katzman & Katzman, P.C., we work to help you through these difficulties.

How should I spend child support?

It may be a relief to receive child support from your ex-spouse. However, he or she may say that you can only spend it on certain things, or even demand to see receipts on your child support expenditures. Your family and friends may also tell you that the state will monitor your child support spending. Like other Indiana residents, you may be confused and worried as to which of these claims are true.

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