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Never lose money in real estate again

When it comes to real estate in Indiana, homeowners and investors do everything possible to avoid losing money. The reason is simple. Real estate is expensive and the numbers are only climbing higher. While there is no foolproof way to ensure a buyer never loses money in real estate, there are important steps to help to reduce the likelihood.

Forbes recommends that one of the first steps people should take is building relationships. Good relationships are a great way to build a support team and get access to more reasonable prices. The main skill sets and perks of value include the following:

  •          Access to special discounts
  •          Experience with foreclosures and evictions
  •          Construction, plumbing and electrical work

Can I modify a child support order?

While you should always follow a court order for child support, that does not mean that the court cannot change the order. This is important to know when you pay child support in Indiana. You may run into situations where things change and you need to have the order reevaluated by the court. You should understand how to go about asking for a change to your child support, so if you need one, you know how to get it.

The State of Indiana explains that you can only modify a child support order in specific cases. In fact, there must be a permanent change of circumstances that is substantial. Permanent just means that it is not a temporary change. Substantial means it must make a 20 percent change in your child support liability. Both you and the person receiving the support have the right to request modifications.

Esports market anticipated to exceed $1 billion in 2019

While it is common to follow reports of multimillion-dollar contracts in football and basketball, those are not the only sports making headlines. Electronic sports, or esports, competitions have been growing consistently during the last decade.

As technology evolved, live streaming took multiplayer video games to new heights. And as online video games gained international interest for players and fans alike, both developers and sponsors took interest.

Can you use crowdfunding to get a down payment?

If you are trying to get a mortgage to buy a home, then you probably already know there are many rules and regulations. Indiana lenders set guidelines and have strict rules about all steps in the process of securing a loan. This is largely due to the high risk of lending such a large amount of money. Additionally, many of the rules are in place due to previous mistakes made by the industry that caused a market crash. One of the areas where rules are particularly strict is how you get your down payment.

In general, according to CNBC, banks do not let you borrow your down payment and require plenty of documentation to show where you got your down payment because lenders want to know you can get a down payment yourself. People have tried many ways to get past these strict guidelines. In the past, people have tried crowdfunding to get a down payment and were turned down because of it. However, there is a new option in crowdsourcing that is designed specifically for mortgage lending.

Will one of you receive spousal support?

If you and your spouse are divorcing in Indiana, you may be wondering if you will be eligible to receive any money from your ex as part of the divorce settlement. Known as spousal support or alimony, this typically occurs if one spouse has stayed home to raise a family or makes significantly less money and will not be able to support him or herself after the divorce. Unlike child support, alimony is not a given and, if a court orders it, it is often on a temporary basis.

How does a court determine if, and how much, spousal support is necessary? FindLaw discusses the factors involved with this decision. A court may reward one spouse with support to keep up a standard of living or help develop education and skills to be self-sufficient. Some things the judge considers when determining the amount of money and time for alimony payments include:

  • Number of marriage years
  • The physical condition, age, mental condition and financial state of each spouse
  • The standard of living during years together
  • The ability of the payer to support both the ex-spouse and self
  • Amount of time for payee to become self-sufficient 

The importance of a solid parenting plan

Parenting can be a challenge, but even more so when you’re co-parenting with your ex after divorce. To make things easier, it’s a good idea to have a detailed parenting plan in place. Even if your relationship is amicable now, a good parenting plan can establish expectations and help you to avoid future disagreements and keep you out of court in the future.

With help from your attorneys, you establish and agree on a parenting plan as part of your divorce settlement. And a parenting plan filed with the court, and approved by the court, becomes enforceable by law.

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