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What to include in an employment contract

When hiring and firing professionals is part of your job description in Indiana, chances are, you want to simplify the process and make sure to look out for your employer’s, or your business’s, best interests. One way to do this is to rely on a carefully worded employment contract. At Katzman & Katzman, P.C. we recognize that a meticulously drafted employment contract can protect your business or that of your employer in the event that an employer-employee relationship does not work out. Similarly, we understand that there are certain common areas that a strong employment contract ought to address.

According to Inc., one of the key things to remember when drafting your employment contract is that, while protecting your business is important, so, too, is extending certain protections to the employee. Otherwise, you run the risk of alienating your potential hire and scaring him or her off before he or she even sets foot in the door.

Why it’s important for a lawyer look over your esports contract

Signing a contract to compete in esports may initially sound like a dream come true for a lot of gamers. You’re now getting paid to compete in the games you grew to love over the years and have the chance to join a thriving community.

Unfortunately, not everything is as simple as it seems. Many esports players and companies have seen their fair share of legal drama over the years, and some lawsuits have involved unfair contracts that some players initially agreed to follow. Even though an esports contract may sound like a wonderful opportunity, you shouldn’t blindly sign your name on it without consulting with a legal expert beforehand. Here are a couple reasons why:

Dividing the family home during divorce

What is the most valuable asset you hold jointly with your spouse? If you are like most people in Indiana, the answer to this question is simple: your marital home. Homes are often a good way to build equity and allow you useful asset both financially and practically. However, real estate law and family law intersect in complex ways.

At Katzman & Katzman, P.C., we pride ourselves on communicating these complicated issues clearly and effectively, so you have the power to make the best decisions for your family's future. Real estate assets could be a challenge to divide during your divorce. If you have children in your marriage, dividing your home may be even more complicated. Please find a discussion of a few options that could help simplify your situation.

Many options for child custody

When you get a divorce in Indiana, one of the most pressing things on your mind may be your custody arrangement. Child custody can come in many forms and it may surprise you to learn how many options there are. At Katzman and Katzman, P.C., we know how important it is for you to understand all of your options.

You may think that if you have custody of your child, you can make important decisions for your kid. FindLaw says this may only be the case if you have legal custody. Legal custody means that you can choose what religion your child will follow growing up and what kind of health care your child will receive. A parent with this type of custody can also choose where a kid will go to school. If you and your ex-spouse have joint legal custody, this means you usually need to make these decisions together. Many courts may prefer to award joint legal custody so both parents can play a role in their child's life. However, if you realize that your child's other parent is not willing to effectively co-parent, you may be able to speak to a court about sole legal custody.

Flip houses are not always what they seem

The popularity of flip houses has skyrocketed thanks to the success of television shows that portray the almost magical transformation of an old, ailing house into a beautiful home. The stunning homes on television have led many people around Indiana to purchase flip homes themselves.

However, when it comes to flip houses, there is often more than meets the eye. Over the years, several families have reported that their new house hid significant defects and safety issues.

Business structures and taxes

People in Indiana who start a new business need to identify the best operating model for their ventures. There are a variety of factors that should be considered before making a final decision. These factors include the need to protect or separate personal assets from business assets and what level of decision-making flexibility is desired. Another important consideration is taxation. 

As explained by the U.S. Small Business Administration, a sole proprietorship may be one of the simplest and most flexible structures to create but offers no protection for personal assets. Any income of the business is considered the income of the individual as well from a tax perspective. On the other end of the spectrum, a C corporation offers the greatest distinction between personal and corporate assets and income.

Never lose money in real estate again

When it comes to real estate in Indiana, homeowners and investors do everything possible to avoid losing money. The reason is simple. Real estate is expensive and the numbers are only climbing higher. While there is no foolproof way to ensure a buyer never loses money in real estate, there are important steps to help to reduce the likelihood.

Forbes recommends that one of the first steps people should take is building relationships. Good relationships are a great way to build a support team and get access to more reasonable prices. The main skill sets and perks of value include the following:

  •          Access to special discounts
  •          Experience with foreclosures and evictions
  •          Construction, plumbing and electrical work

Can I modify a child support order?

While you should always follow a court order for child support, that does not mean that the court cannot change the order. This is important to know when you pay child support in Indiana. You may run into situations where things change and you need to have the order reevaluated by the court. You should understand how to go about asking for a change to your child support, so if you need one, you know how to get it.

The State of Indiana explains that you can only modify a child support order in specific cases. In fact, there must be a permanent change of circumstances that is substantial. Permanent just means that it is not a temporary change. Substantial means it must make a 20 percent change in your child support liability. Both you and the person receiving the support have the right to request modifications.

Esports market anticipated to exceed $1 billion in 2019

While it is common to follow reports of multimillion-dollar contracts in football and basketball, those are not the only sports making headlines. Electronic sports, or esports, competitions have been growing consistently during the last decade.

As technology evolved, live streaming took multiplayer video games to new heights. And as online video games gained international interest for players and fans alike, both developers and sponsors took interest.

Can you use crowdfunding to get a down payment?

If you are trying to get a mortgage to buy a home, then you probably already know there are many rules and regulations. Indiana lenders set guidelines and have strict rules about all steps in the process of securing a loan. This is largely due to the high risk of lending such a large amount of money. Additionally, many of the rules are in place due to previous mistakes made by the industry that caused a market crash. One of the areas where rules are particularly strict is how you get your down payment.

In general, according to CNBC, banks do not let you borrow your down payment and require plenty of documentation to show where you got your down payment because lenders want to know you can get a down payment yourself. People have tried many ways to get past these strict guidelines. In the past, people have tried crowdfunding to get a down payment and were turned down because of it. However, there is a new option in crowdsourcing that is designed specifically for mortgage lending.

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